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Gutter Clearance

and cleaning

Is your home at risk from water ingress?

Blocked gutters and down pipes can seem like a small problem - but when blocked gutters allow water into your home it can cause a huge ammount of damage such as rotting of roof felt and timbers, damp and damaged brickwork and plaster, and sometimes water pooling around foundations can even cause subsidence!

Is your home at risk from water damage? I can unblock and clear you gutters and test them to make sure water is flowing away freely as it should. Call TODAY for all your gutter unblocking needs in Poole and Bournemouth! Prices start from just £60 for gutter clearing!






without ladders

My SkyVac system allows me to clear leaves, moss and other debris from gutters without using ladders or scaffolding.


With this system I can also reach high and awkward gutters that were previously inaccessible from ladders, allowing them to be cleared quickly and safely.


The high power vacuum sucks dirt out of gutters up to 40ft high and collects it in the drum for easy, mess-free disposal. The camera system allows me to check the gutters as I clean and make sure nothing gets missed.

Gutter cleaning vacuum system